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Big Dance Pledge

Since 2012, people from around the world have been learning, creating and rehearsing new dance performances as part of the Big Dance Pledge.

Using our free online films and teaching resources, created each year by a different guest company and choreographer, we have seen over 500,000 dancers from more than 60 different countries and territories sign up and get dancing in the unique ways and places that are best for each group.

Big Dance, as a summer festival of dance events, ended with 2016 as its final edition. People Dancing, in partnership with international, national, regional and local artists and organisations aim to maintain The Big Dance Pledge resources in future years and ensure these are available for permanent, ongoing, free use around the world.


Find out more about each edition of the Big Dance Pledge

This programme was delivered in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016, with some additional sets of choreographic resources created for other projects. Using the links on this page, you can access the full sets of learning and teaching resources including the music tracks, without registering information. If you’ve never registered for a previous Big Dance Pledge, please sign up to our general subscription list to receive information about new resources in future years.

From 2017, the Big Dance campaign will not be active, but encourages its fans and followers to use any of these resources in the best way for you. International Day of Dance, on 29 April each year, offers an opportunity to celebrate your dancing, with more information available here.

Big Dance Pledge 2012 – Created by Wayne McGregor

Big Dance Pledge 2013 – Created by English National Ballet

Big Dance Pledge 2014 – Created by Scottish Ballet

Big Dance Pledge 2016 – Created by Akram Khan

Big Dance Choreographic Inspirations (2012) – Created by Shobana Jeyasingh, Wayne McGregor, Arlene Phillips, Kate Prince, and Hofesh Shechter

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