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Big Dance Shorts

Big Dance is delighted to be working with Channel 4 on a third and final series of Big Dance Shorts – 5 new short films will be produced for the Channel 4 Random Acts strand and will showcase exciting choreographic and directorial collaborations on screen.

For 2016, Big Dance Shorts will focus on film ideas that engage actively and creatively with dance and celebrate a decade of Big Dance with the theme: Dance Decades. 

Nominated by experts across the UK contemporary film and dance sectors, the selected filmmakers and choreographers will explore dance on film in a range of diverse and imaginative ways, with subjects from space to sofas, and dance forms from social to contemporary.

The commissions are:

Falling/Flying poetic and whimsical, the film draws a parallel between the experience of older people living in isolation and those living and working in space. Visual artist Edwin Mingard, Vicki Amedume of aerial dance company Upswing and Entelechy Arts in collaboration with Satellite Films will explore technology, ageing and our physical environment.

We Shall Trip the Light Fantastic appropriates elements from nine decades of popular dance to form and collage them onto a single body in visceral and unexpected ways. A collaboration between artist and moving image maker Lucy Cash, choreographer and visual artist Florence Peake and award winning director of photography Ole Birkeland.

To the End of the Finger Tips is a visually rich and surreal tale that shadows two women as they slip through time on a quest for freedom and fulfilment. A collaboration between filmmaker Roswitha Chesher and choreographers/performers Sophie Arstall & Elizabeth Barker.

The Big Sofa is a bizarre tale surrounding an extended family that are awoken suddenly by the ear-splitting sound track of the film they are watching together. Another winning collaboration between director/choreographer Deborah Tiso, director of photography Fillipo Maria and sound designer Tim Barker.

Steamy Valley  led by a dancer with Parkinson’s disease, a group of elderly hot-spring visitors journey through a harsh frozen landscape dotted with steaming pools. The environment and their physical ability combine to shape their movements. This film is a collaboration between filmmakers Oscar Oldershaw and Joe Campbell and Independent Dance Artist Cecilia Macfarlane.


Previously, 10 dance films have been made by the collaboration between Channel 4 and Big Dance which have been screened throughout the world. This year’s Big Dance Shorts is part of the final year of Big Dance, which was originally launched by the Mayor of London in 2006 and has seen millions of people of all ages and abilities, professional and amateur, dancing across the UK and in countries around the world.

Check out Big Dance Shorts from 2014 on the Random Acts webpage:

Choreographed and directed by Gabriela Alcofra and Billy Cowie
Movement director Jonzi D, directed by Margaret Williams
Choreographed by Tamarin Stott and directed by Sergio Cruz
Choreographed and performed by Ponciano Almeida and directed by Bertie
Choreographed and directed by Jessica Wright and Morgann Runacre-Temple

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