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Big Dance Pledge

Take part in a connected creative process and performance day with thousands of dancers in countries around the world.

The Big Dance Pledge is a free opportunity to learn an original choreography, or develop it to make it your own, then perform it wherever you are as part of our worldwide performance day.

Watch the choreography here, in rehearsal with Akram at University of Roehampton and below in our special film showing all variations>

Akram Khan has created the choreography and the free set of resources for you to get involved in 2016, along with specially composed music track by Nitin Sawhney. Using the themes of ‘overcoming adversity’ and ‘achievement’ Akram is encouraging groups to tell their own stories through the choreography and come together to share their experiences in performance. Find out more about the choreography in the behind the scenes documentary.

How to Take Part in the Big Dance Pledge 2016

1. Sign up now, register for free access to the choreographic resources – films, music track and written guides. Before or after you’ve signed up, take a look at our Inspired By films to see how you could develop the dance for your group.

2. Use them with your dance group, friends or colleagues to

– Learn the 3-minute dance, or

– Explore creative ideas and develop your own choreography inspired by Akram Khan’s and using Nitin Sawhney’s music track

3. Perform on 20 May 2016 at 1pm or 7pm local time, as part of a series of performances across the world connecting you to thousands of other dancers, or on any other date to suit you.

Workshops and Training for Artists and Teachers

Sessions ranging from 2 hours – 5 days are available for teachers and artists to learn the choreography, tools for structuring sessions and teaching the movement, and gain insight into the themes and creative process used by Akram and the company. Focused sessions on developing, adapting and extending the choreography are also available, to support teachers and artists in meeting participants’ needs and creating unique dance works that reflect the participant group.

For more information on content, format and costs, or to discuss your ideas, please contact

Sessions are available from January 2016 – May 2016.

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