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Big Dance Pledge

The Big Dance Pledge is a chance to learn, make and perform dance with the rest of the world.

This year’s Pledge Performance Day was 16 May 2014, but the full set of resources will stay here for you to use until 5 January 2015. Why not have your own Pledge Performance event, whenever you like? Or use the resources to create your own choreography or to develop new creative exercises in class? They are free and there are no restrictions. Have fun!

If you took part in the Big Dance Pledge 2014 and would like to help us shape the choreography, resources and events for the future, complete our anonymous online survey.

The Big Dance Pledge 2015 resources will be available from 5 January 2015 with a worldwide performance day on 15 May 2015. Save the date and start planning now!

The special 5th edition for 2014 was created by Scottish Ballet with fun and celebration at its heart, as part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme of the XX Commonwealth Games.

Our free tutorial and inspiration films show you how to learn it, or give you the starting point to make your own version. Get a group of friends, classmates or work colleagues together to have great fun and put your dancing on the map!

The Pledge World Map

Learn the Pledge

Take a look at the Pledge ‘Family’ Performance Film to see the whole choreography in action. There’s also a ‘Complete Dance’ film here so that you can see all the moves clearly and see what the tutorial films are like. To access the full set of 5 tutorial films, where our teachers break down the dance move by move, you just need to Sign Up here.

Before signing up, you can also see a video from the composer, talking about the themes and music in the dance and there’s a welcome video from Christopher Hampson, Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet, the company who created the dance.

Learning the Big Dance Pledge is a great way to get classmates, colleagues and friends together to have fun and get creative. There are no restrictions on how you teach or learn the Pledge – it is completely up to you and absolutely free. Start today and see how good it could be for you.


  • The Performance Film, featuring ‘The Pledge Family’

    Take a look at the dance to see how much fun you can have with the Pledge, whatever your age or style!


  • The Complete Dance

    Teachers Preston and Rosie, with their dancers Matthew and Sophie show you the complete dance, filmed at the end of their learning of it. You can see and download the full set of tutorials by signing up.

  • Music and Body Percussion for the Big Dance Pledge

    Scottish Ballet musician Dave Boyd talks about the use of body percussion and the music for the Big Dance Pledge and his influences in creating the original track. Download the music free when you Sign Up.

  • A Welcome from Chris Hampson, Artistic Director, Scottish Ballet

    Scottish Ballet’s Artistic Director Christopher Hampson talks about the company’s involvement in creating the choreography and resources for this year’s Big Dance Pledge. 

There are multiple videos use the dots to switch between each.

Be Inspired by the Pledge

Be Inspired by The Pledge: choreograph your own version

You don’t need to just learn the original choreography if you want to be more creative. Make it more hip-hop, ballet or folk or just see what happens when you try creating your own moves from the Inspired by the Pledge film.

Created for people of all ages and abilities and with a variety of dance styles included – from ballet to bhangra, this original choreography was created by Scottish Ballet, and takes some inspiration from the Highland Games.

We’re expecting to see hundreds of versions created by you and tailored to the needs and style of your group.

Show us what you can do!



  • Inspired by the Pledge – Central Taxi Drivers

    Central Taxis’ drivers in Edinburgh had a great time learning the Pledge and making a surprise appearance outside Edinburgh Castle to show people passing by what they’d been busy making. Inspired by our cabbies?


  • Inspired by the Pledge – The Unusual Suspects

    The Unusual Suspects meet weekly in Glasgow, making contemporary and street dance performances. We love how they completely made the Pledge their own with their brilliant choreographic ideas.

  • Inspired by the Pledge – Bollylicious

    Bollylicious is a weekly meeting class at Dancebase, Edinburgh. The group take inspiration from Bollywood and popular South Asian dance and have a great time. We think their take on the Pledge will be a hit! 

  • Inspired by the Pledge – Highland Dance

    The Highland Dance class at Dancebase, Edinburgh is one the most popular! The group really showed us how to make a very Scottish Pledge and we have a feeling it won’t be the only one!

  • Inspired by the Pledge – Edinburgh Dance Academy

    Edinburgh Dance Academy is one of the biggest local dance schools in the area. Their beautiful version of the Pledge is a great example of how to make a unique performance for your group.

  • Inspired by the Pledge – Indepen-dance

    Indepen-dance is an inclusive dance development company based in Glasgow. Their dancers adapted the Pledge to make it perfect for them and give us their very own Pledge piece. 

There are multiple videos use the dots to switch between each.

Fundraise with the Pledge

One third of all Big Dance Pledge 2014 participants used their experience to raise money in aid of UNICEF UK and the Foundation for Community Dance.

Money raised from your 2014 Big Dance Pledge experience will be used to help children all over the world like 4 year-old Rani. Rani is playing cultural games in her school in Bangladesh and is able to get the most out of her time at school because of the materials donated by UNICEF.

Alongside raising money in aid of UNICEF your efforts will also go towards funding the Foundation for Community Dance to create Big Dance micro-grant projects. The Big Dance micro-grants will be awarded to groups and organisations to develop and create new dance experiences for children and young people in their communities for the Big Dance Weekend 12-13 July 2014.

A huge thank you to all our fundraisers. 

Foundation for Community Dance is a registered charity in England and Wales (328392) UNICEF is a registered charity in England and Wales (1072612) and Scotland (SCO 43677)


Sign Up for the Pledge

Although the worldwide performance day for this year’s Big Dance Pledge has passed, you can still sign up to access and use the resources however you like, up to 5 January 2015.

The Big Dance Pledge is free. Along with the performance film, Inspired By films, you can download the tutorial films to help you learn or teach the Pledge – even when you can’t connect to the internet! You’ll also be able to download the music track, certificates for your participants and written guides to help you teachers others.

Your sign up helps us find out how the Pledge is being used across the world and means we can celebrate all the dancing achievements on the Pledge Performance Day and beyond. It should take you between 3-5 minutes.

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Big Dance Pledge
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