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Big Dance Trafalgar Square 2016, by Akram Khan

Big Dance Trafalgar Square has been the consistent jewel in the London programme since 2006. 

Following five huge performance events in Trafalgar Square, led by Jeanefer Jean-Charles (2006), Aletta Collins (2008), Luca Silvestrini (2010), Wayne McGregor (2012), Rafael Bonachela (2014), this final 2016 edition was created by world-renowned choreographer Akram Khan.

Akram and his Rehearsal Directors, Jennifer Irons and Jose Agudo worked with a team of Dance Captains and hundreds of participants to create a work unique to the iconic space of Trafalgar Square.

The participants, ranging in age from 14-86 year, from all sorts of backgrounds took the stage on Saturday 2 July after months of rehearsal and preparation.

Watch the performance film here and a special short documentary film hearing from some of the dancers, and see our galleries for more photos.





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