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About the Choreography

Akram created the Big Dance choreography with all types of people and levels of experience of dance in mind. It is simple to learn and perform, but feels to participants and audience members to be a beautifully connected and powerful piece of choreography.


In the choreography, Akram has explored a number of themes and ideas including:

– Identity, journey and migration

– Connection, human ritual and spirituality

– Hope, aspiration and achievement

They are introduced at the beginning of each section of the tutorial films, part of the free online resources you can access after signing up. Working with the choreography in schools can be useful for cross-curricular learning through the exploration of the themes,

Create Something Unique

There are 3 variations of the choreography that are designed to be performed all together, as shown in the main Big Dance Pledge film. Their main difference will is the starting position, so that’s how we’ve named them – Kneeling, Standing, Seated. Mix and match the different variations considering the size, formation and needs of your group. If you decide you’d like everyone in your group to dance the same variation, that’s ok too.

As well as these variations, there are some additional differences and options within the movement that give the work flexibility. You can use these options or your own alternatives in the way that is right for you, however different it might become from the original work.

The Big Dance Worldwide Performance Day for this choreography took place on 20 May 2016, but these free resources remain available for you to use however you wish.

For more help on creating a dance that is unique to you, take a look at our ‘Inspired By the Big Dance Pledge’ films. They show different dance practitioners and participants making this choreography their own and telling us a bit about how they found the experience.

It’s important that however you work with the movement, that your dance builds gradually in momentum, size and energy. Nitin Sawhney’s wonderful music, created especially for this work, really gives this sense of journey and we hope will help you to tell epic stories of your own.

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