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Download the Big Dance Logo

Terms & Conditions for the use of the ‘Big Dance logo’

Before downloading the Big Dance logo, please take a moment to read the information below to ensure correct usage:


-The Greater London Authority (“the GLA”) owns the intellectual property rights of the Big Dance logo;

-The GLA and People Dancing have the exclusive right to grant licences to use the Big Dance logo

-The GLA has granted a non-exclusive licence to Big Dance partners and organisations that will be delivering Big Dance activities in the UK and internationally.


The GLA authorises you (individual or company), as a Big Dance partner, Big Dance event organiser,  journalist, press company or member of the press to download and use the Big Dance logo on the Internet for press purposes or for promoting activities related to the Big Dance Festival.

By using the Big Dance logo, you agree to the following terms and conditions; these terms and conditions may be updated by the GLA at any time:

-You will ensure that the Big Dance logo is only used to promote events officially connected with Big Dance.

-You will ensure that reproduction of the Big Dance logo is accurate.

-All rights in the Big Dance logo shall remain the exclusive property of the GLA. Any good will or other rights deriving from your use of the Big Dance logo shall accrue to the GLA, and you agree that upon the GLA’s request you will execute an assignment to this effect

-The Big Dance logo must not be used for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to trade promotions, point of sale materials, posters, billboards or other trade purposes; bring the Big Dance programme, the GLA or People Dancing into disrepute; or adversely affect the GLA’s rights in the Big Dance logo; or do anything that, in the GLA’s reasonable opinion, would, or would be likely to, reduce the value of the Big Dance logo.

If you accept the Terms and Conditions stated here, please download the Big Dance logo below: 



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